Important Details to Consider when Choosing a Formal Dress

So you’re preparing for a special day – a wedding, a formal dance, a ball, or a walk down the red carpet. Before you buy the first formal dress that catches your eye, spend some time considering the following details tips from Dressific:


Before you choose a dress, it’s important that you try it on or measure carefully to determine how the skirt will fall. Sometimes, even if a formal dress appears to fit correctly, the curve of your waist, hips, and bottom will make it appear far shorter once it’s actually on your body. Avoid embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions by evaluating length carefully before making a purchase.

Sleeve Style

As you look through the available dresses in your size, another important detail to consider is the style of the sleeves. Sleeve fit can vary a great deal depending on your body type, and what looks wonderful on a model may not look as good in person. On the other hand, a neckline that you don’t think is quite right may fit you surprisingly well. As a general rule, if you’re a large-breasted woman, you may want to avoid sleeveless or strapless styles unless you’re planning to purchase the correct bra to go under the dress. These dresses require quite a bit of support to look “right”, and may cause issues without high-quality undergarments.
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Embellishments and Accessories

Speaking of undergarments, no matter your waist size or cup size, it’s going to be important to invest in the correct underwear for your dress. This means a strapless bra if necessary, a slip or petticoat if it’s needed to hold the dress’s skirt out correctly, and the right kind of slip for the dress. Don’t make the mistake of trying to wear a normal slip with a mermaid style or asymmetrical skirt, for example. Instead, spring for the correct accessories to make your formal dress look its best. Otherwise, you’ll just wind up frustrated all evening, wishing your dress looked as good on you as it did in the catalog.


princes style formal dressIf you must wear high heels to your formal event, buy them in advance, walk in them before the event, and take the time to break them in. Otherwise, you’ll spend your evening wobbling around like a newborn calf, only to leave with blisters on your heels. To project a confident appearance, pick a shoe that matches well and that has a comfortable heel height. Then practice walking indoors to get the hang of balancing on the shoes correctly. If you’re still anxious, consider packing a set of foldable flats in your bag, as well as some moleskin for potential blisters.

Pulling off a formal gown with style is often all about the little details. Take time in advance to consider straps, necklines, length, shoes, and any other small detail that could trip you up or cause an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction. A little advance preparation may just save you quite a bit of embarrassment on your special day. In this case, an ounce of prevention really is worth a pound of cure. Feel free to check out dressific formal dresses as I found them offer great deal and quality product.