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Amelie DyeGreetings! This blog is run by Amelie Dye, a college student. She uses this blog to share her experiences with online shopping, and to cover the occasional bit of trendy news.

Like many college students, Amelie has enough free time to look around for special pieces of clothing. She’ll share the best things she finds in this blog, because she wants everyone to be able to enjoy her best discoveries. She just hopes everyone else will like them as much as she does.

If you do see something you love, leave a comment — Amelie loves to make friends!

What kind of things will you read about here? You’ll see stories about shopping online, some interesting fashion news, and some fun personal stories. Amelie will also occasionally review products, such as accessories, cosmetics, and handbags. If you’d like Amelie to review a product, check out this page for more information.

Bookmark this site, and make sure you come back to see it again. If you’d like to know when the site is updates, sign up for our newsletter. When the site is updated, you’ll get a message right away.

Enjoy reading, and stay passionate about fashion!

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